Get Better Treatment Results by Engaging with a Pre-Visit Symptom Deep Dive!

Dr. Vi Will Guide Your Healthcare Journey From the Start!

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Prepare Your Symptom Details Before You Visit Your Physician!

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Why This Matters:

  • Accurate Diagnosis:
    Ensures your physician has all the necessary information to make an accurate diagnosis.

  • Effective Treatment:
    Helps in creating a personalized and more precise treatment plan tailored to your specific needs.

  • Better Understanding:
    Engages you in your healthcare journey, giving you a deeper understanding of your symptoms and their potential causes.

Prepare Well for Your Upcoming Appointment!
Direct Your Healthcare Experience to the Right Route From the First Steps.
Start Your Symptom Deep Dive Now

Step 1

Write Your Current Symptoms

Begin by entering your current health concerns. Please be as specific as possible about the symptoms bothering you.
Step 2

Chat with Dr. Vi

Dr. Vi, your AI-powered assistant, will guide you through a detailed exploration of your symptoms. This dialogue will help clarify and expand your initial description, ensuring nothing is overlooked.
Step 3

Review Your Detailed Symptom Summary

After your chat, Dr. Vi will compile a comprehensive summary of your symptoms. This summary will include all the details you’ve discussed, organized and ready for your review. Please confirm or edit this information to ensure it accurately reflects your current health status.
Step 4

Book Your Appointment

With a detailed symptom summary in hand, you’re now ready to meet with a physician. You can book an appointment with your regular doctor or allow ViClinic to find a relevant specialist for you. Your detailed symptom summary from Dr. Vi will ensure you go into your appointment prepared, making the most of your time with your physician.

Pre-Visit Symptom Deep Dive!
Coming Soon!

We're thrilled to announce that ViClinic is about to launch
Pre-Visit Symptom Deep Dive!
With Dr.Vi ‍ a new and innovative service designed to enhance your healthcare experience.
Stay tuned for a new way to manage your health with ease and efficiency!‍

Stay tuned for more updates on the official launch date.

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