How does ViClinic’s appointment scheduling work for patients?

Patients have a few options when scheduling a virtual visit with ViClinic physicians:

  • If the patient does NOT know who to visit:
    To make requests for on-demand or ASAP visits, or to schedule an appointment, patients can select their preferred specialty and language. Then, patients complete a medical questionnaire for their EHR (electronic health records) and pay for the service. Viclinic’s algorithm will match and suggest the appropriate physicians and healthcare service providers based on patient needs.
    If a patient selects the specialty and language that matches yours, you will receive an available visit request notification, as well as a detailed description of the patient’s health concerns. From this point, you can either accept or decline the request for an appointment.
    Once you accept a patient’s virtual visit request, you can specify the start time for your appointment. Before the visit starts you will have access to the patient’s Electronic Health records (EHR) for review.
  • If the patient knows which provider they would like to see:
    Patients can schedule visits with their dedicated physician or healthcare provider. If you are listed on a patient’s My Doctor list, you can get visit requests directly from your patient. Medical professionals can send invitations to all of their existing patients so they can consult with them through ViClinic’s virtual platform.
  • If the patient wants to schedule follow-up visits with the same provider:
    Physicians can conduct repeat consultations with patients when needed. You can schedule follow-up calls at the end of your first consultation with a patient, or go back and schedule a follow-up later.